Anna Maria Locke

banana ice cream


Have you ever tried putting a frozen banana in the food processor or blender and blending it until it is the consistency of soft serve ice cream? Because if you like bananas, you really should. Especially if you are living in one of those crazy areas where it is 105* outside (not here-- it is incredibly gorgeous in S Oregon today. muahahaha).

If you are like me and think no way is this 'healthy alternative' going to quash my freakin ice cream craving then adding a scoop or two of French Vanilla ice cream to the food processor will make ultra-creamy banana flavored soft serve. Chocolate banana might be even better. Garnish with a crispy almond cookie.

5-minute Banana Ice Cream
-one banana, peeled and frozen
-at least one scoop ice cream (any flavor)

Put the banana and ice cream in a food processor. (A blender MIGHT work but no promises). Process until smooth and creamy. Mmmmmm.