Anna Maria Locke

[sierra wyethia aka mule's ear]

Woah, hello blog. I'm sorry I have been neglecting you as I try to keep my head up in the craziness of the Fall semester. 
Real life has been a lot more appealing to me than blog life.

I always feel like the real beginning of the new year comes in late August/September, not January.
Maybe it's because this is my 21st (I think?) straight year of school...

This "new year" has brought a lot of changes so far
-Year 2 of grad school (no classes yay!)
-TA-ing 60 undergrads
-living indefinitely with Ben in my tiny cave apartment
-starting thesis work
-thinking about big girl jobs

Plus I have been dealing with a dental saga
I had a really bad cavity. Yeah...I'll spare you the gory details.
I've met a nice dentist, endodontist, and periodontist here.
Learned that root canals aren't that bad. But crown extension surgery is a little more nasty.
Lesson: don't put off your x-rays. floss. get some ACT.

The weather is finally cooling off now and it feels like September should feel. I am so ready for scarf, jacket, boots, and pumpkin season. 

Well, I'm off to lunch and hopefully a fun hike in the mountains!
Happy Labor Day weekend :)