Anna Maria Locke

meet basil!


Ben and I decided to expand our little family and have proudly adopted Basil. The, uh, basil plant.
He lives in the coveted south facing well window, which is the only tiny spot in my apartment that actually gets direct sunlight. That is, when the sun decides to shine here in central PA ;)
He supplies us with delicious fresh basil leaves for our homemade pizza nights and tomato salads.
And he has survived to be a few weeks old!!
(Fernando the cilantro *ahem* sadly didn't make it past his third birthday. If we're counting in days.)
I am super proud that Basil is doing so well, since Ben and I both have pretty bad track records at being indoor plant parents. RIP Fernando!!!
 This is particularly shameful for me, coming from a family of horticulturists and having a degree in biology, but I am more of an outdoorsy tree lover kind of plant person.
I am having a very unmotivated Sunday. Blaming it on the cloudy cool drizzly weather and my attempt to run 6 miles. Plus a very busy day yesterday, including a visit from Ben's sister plus two back to back potluck/parties; my introverted self is still crashing from all the excitement !  
I did manage to bake one of my favorite muffin recipes this afternoon, and they are delicious. I promise to get the recipe up asap. It's high time I got back into a recipe posting routine.
I hope you had a relaxing weekend (I call for more 3 day weekends! This two day thing just isn't cutting it for me.) and have a great start of another week :)

Something to listen to: Band of Horses radio on Pandora --super chill. I am a new fan.