Anna Maria Locke

right now

It is pouring rain.
I am faced with a ridiculous amount of work to get done this week.
My birthday is tomorrow but I really miss my family and friends and feel a bit alone.

I'm trying to keep looking on the bright side.
So here is a little list of things that make me happy right now.

-a weekend with Ben! even though these weekends are always too short.

-eating fudgey chocolate cake with sprinkles right out of the pan

-getting a food processor from the best boyfriend in the universe (!!!!!) I am so excited about this. I feel like my life has changed forever with so many new food opportunities opened before me...seriously. Even though I know I am probably the only person ever who would love to get a food processor for their birthday. ;)

-hanging out with ridiculous friends who wear brown velour jumpsuits, plaid pj pants with olympic hockey jerseys, American flag headbands, and have talented hockey-playing sisters who bring their silver medal when they visit so their brother's friends can play with it.

-finally seeing the end (though still too far away) of this blasted long-distance thing. I am sick of saying good-bye all the time. 

-downloading crazy mash-ups 

-knowing that I will be DONE with my first year of grad school in 10 crazy stressed-out sleep deprived days.

For better or for worse.