Anna Maria Locke

earth day


Happy Earth Day !

I celebrated by going for a mid-morning run in the sun
(that was kind of an energy zapper...)
Working on fire scar data (from trees) for a climate project
and also on my nature reserve paper

I am exhausted.

If you are in the mood for some earth-ish chill folky music,
you should check out Patchouli
Julie and Bruce are amazing people. 
Back in my college environmentalist days we would get them to play an outdoor concert at the end of Earth Week.
As we tie-dyed shirts with dye that we convinced the art department to give us for free.
Oh, the days.

p.s. I put wayyyy too much chili powder in the chili. That I still have like 5 servings left. oops. But it is still edible. I know this because I have eaten it four times this week, and have survived.