Anna Maria Locke

winter run


I am sorry that my posts have been sporadic, weird, and lacking pretty pictures lately!
I have been in 100% paper writing mode.
Semi-successful with it.
The difference between grad school classes and undergrad classes is that the super smart, motivated grad students (most phD already) are NOT PROCRASTINATORS!!!
Back in the "day", (i.e. last spring) my old classmates and I would pull overnighters to put together lab reports and papers the morning they were due, but my new classmates start the freakout process a week or two ahead of time.  Which then rubs off on me.
I don't know if it's better to spend a week stressing out vs. a day stressing out...

We have been hit with the blizzard that has evidently swept across the country!
I woke up to about a foot of wet, melty snow.
It's started to melt already, but tonight's going to freeze so I am expecting to wake up tomorrow to an ice world. YUCK.

Last weekend I went for my first official winter run of the season (aka it was below freezing).

I have tentatively been trying to get back into running; sometimes I feel like my hip bothers me, sometimes it feels like my OTHER hip is starting to hurt, and sometimes it is fine and I think I am hypochondriac-ing everything.  I'd just rather be safe than sorry, but I miss running SO SO SO MUCH!!!
I was never a fast or far runner but I love being outside, connecting with nature, getting my endorphin rush, and all that :) 
Nothing really satisfies my endorphin addiction like running, and running in the cold is my favorite.