Anna Maria Locke


The sky today is the exact same color as my car.
and there is freezing rain dumping down from it.
I wish I had artsy inspiring beautiful pictures of the world and everyone I love.
Tomorrow I have one test and three papers due,
and then lots of work in the lab for the rest of the week.
But then it will be Christmas !!
I've kind of lost the holiday spirit...
it's hard to keep it alive when you don't live with anyone to share it with.
I wish I had amazing creative personalized gifts for all my friends and family
but I don't have the time to be artsy and creative.
I've been shut up in my own little world lately, trying to cram in end-of-semester-everything
School makes you very self-centered, all you think about is yourself and all the stuff you have to learn and then prove that you know.
Winter makes me miss last year, living with my two roommates in our crappy dump of a rental house that was too perfect, even with its moldy creepy basement, because of the front porch/sunroom and the little sunny upstairs nook where we could eat breakfast and watch Charmed because it was the only thing on at 7:30 am besides the news.
And my little yellow room tucked into the eaves.
Blasting party music while getting ready to go out.
My roommates still live together, without me, but everything has changed.

I hope I can cram everything I want to do and everyone I want to see into Christmas break, because it is my favorite time of year and I feel like this one is going to go by too fast.
Also, I miss Ben.
Long distance relationships suck life, love, and happiness right out of you.
And just suck in general.