Anna Maria Locke

let it snow lalala

AnnaComment know you spend too many hours on excel when your wrist starts to hurt and you have to buy a mouse for your laptop to stave off carpal tunnel. agghhh.

When I woke up this morning,
it was snowing!*~*~*

Nice small December flakes. Much better than gloppy clumpy October snow.
I was in a really good mood this morning, and expressed it by snuggling up in my cozy cave apartment with Pandora Christmas music, baked apple pie oatmeal, Nutcracker Sweet tea, holiday scented candles,
and proceeded to set the mood SO WELL that I accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
But it was still fun.

Oh, I have successfully put up lights in my living room!

[nice camera angle that makes my ceiling look so tall! in reality it is barely over 6 feet...which makes nailing lights and painting very easy.]

Why do days go by so fast on the weekends when you are by yourself and aren't busy at all???