Anna Maria Locke

2009 crow relocation program

I am in the library like a good student, trying to make more progress on the never-ending endofsemester papers, and right outside the window I hear a "whooooshBANG" like a firework or rocket or antiaircraft missile.
Luckily I know exactly what's going on (otherwise I would surely be freaked out and crying from the loud sudden bangs)
It's just the launching of the anti-crow pyrotechnic noisemakers
seriously, a direct quote from Penn State Live

"The Penn State Office of Physical Plant (OPP) crow relocation program will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7, and will continue until 9 p.m. The campus community can expect to hear loud noises in the early evening as University employees launch anti-crow pyrotechnic noisemakers. These activities will continue in the evenings Monday through Friday until the crows move to less problematic locations. Pyrotechnic operations may continue for several weeks until this objective is met." (great timing, right before finals.)
"Once the crows have vacated a location, crow effigies will be hung to dissuade the crows from returning. Light towers will be erected in the targeted relocation woods east of the Visitor’s Center to make the area more appealing to crows."
In addition, the College of Agricultural Sciences is employing propane cannons at two locations, the Dairy Barns and the Organic Materials Processing and Education Center (OMPEC). These cannons produce a loud bang to scare crows away from those locations. The cannons may be used for most of the day, seven days a week throughout the rest of the fall and winter." no crows will be harmed by the detonation of the cannons ridiculous is this???!??
all to avoid a bit of crow poo outside the visitor's center.

oh wait, there's even a video so the pyrotechnics can be experienced by the masses not lucky enough to be right next door.