Anna Maria Locke


amazing fruit dip


Have you ever had to write a research paper all in one day?

I hope not; I would never wish that on anyone!

BUT just in case you should make gourmet snack plates to get through life as you sit at your computer for hours and watch the sunny day go by outside your window.

If you're sick of peanut butter and apples, this fruit dip is a fun alternative. 

I adapted the recipe off the fruit to-go trays I used to get at the cafeteria at college.

(If you went to Augustana, you will know what I'm talking about. Unless you are my boyfriend and never got a fruit tray. !!! I know. Blasphemy.)

Plus, if you use fat free cream cheese, your snack will be an optimally healthy and satisfying protein/carb ratio.

Which will make you feel better as you can't stop eating the dip out of the container with a spoon.

Amazing Fruit Dip


-one container cream cheese (reduced fat or fat free...the kind in the tub is convenient because you can keep the dip in it)

-1/4 c. brown sugar for a big cream cheese tub, 2 T for a little tub.

Or heck, as much sugar as you want.

-1 t. vanilla


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir until combined and smooth. Transfer back into the cream cheese container or a tupperware with lid. Eat with cinnamon fruit, bagels, oatmeal....or just with a spoon.