Anna Maria Locke


home for the holidays !

[pics from my road]

I finally made it back to IL and the cornfields, after one of the top 5 most stressful bad-weather-driving experiences ever (what's up, eastern blizzard)
plus a pitstop in Indiana for the annual Dutch family Christmas gathering, during which much Heineken and  cookies were consumed,
and the Christmas light palm tree my uncle built sparkled in the front yard while the real banana tree was transplanted into the bathroom for the winter.

The weather isn't too frightful yet, but tomorrow we are supposed to get freezing rain plus regular rain, to erase the little bit of snow that is on the ground.
In preparation for being iced in tomorrow, my mom and I spent approx. 4.5 hours shopping today *whew* and I almost feel ready for Christmas!

Thanksgiving break thus far

Dreary November weather.
Cold, cloudy, rainy, wind sweeping over the plains like we live in OK.
I have spent way too many hours planted in front of my computer trying to drag out a paper. Homework on breaks is not good. No motivation plus no time constraints=much wasted time and mental agony.
Drinking several giant mugs of tea every day to combat dreariness and chills.
We have 25 boxes of tea at my house, I counted. Very nice.
I have started running again, and have discovered that I am very slow now.
The days are blurring together.
Today is for baking.

home again, home again


I made it back to Illinois!
right before dark.
I definitely miss the cornfield skies; mountains are amazing too but they obstruct sunset colors!!!

p.s. books on tape are AMAZING
I actually had so much fun chilling in my car all day, getting wrapped up into the characters :)