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10 ways to love yourself more in 2019

2019Anna Locke
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Happy New Year friend!

I hope you had a relaxing holiday season filled with cookies and cheer and are easing back into reality this week, looking forward with anticipation for all the adventures and memories to be made this year. Don't be afraid to take it slow even though it's tempting to want to dive back into ALLTHETHINGS!

2019 is just beginning and we have plenty of time, so deep breaths if you're already feeling a bit overwhelmed. (Yup, this is me talking to myself.)

This is the time of year for fresh starts and setting new goals and intentions for ourselves, and as a life coach I’m a huge fan of goals! However, sometimes we ambitious go-getters have a tendency to focus on all the things we want to ACHIEVE (weight loss, health, personal or business growth, deeper relationships...) and often neglect how we want to feel about our relationship with ourselves, our foundation.

Your relationship with yourself is the limiting factor for every other aspect of your life. It sets the minimum standard for your relationship with others, your career, physical health, how you show up for others, and the level of success you achieve in anything.

For example, when your relationship with yourself is thriving, it’s much easier for your relationship with your significant other to thrive. For your business to thrive. For your physical health to thrive. All because you are confident, empowered, and know that you don’t need anyone or anything else to feel whole.

And yet, our relationship with ourselves is often the last thing we consider when thinking about all the other important responsibilities and goals on our plate.

I found myself getting caught in the goal-palooza of all the business and growth milestones I wanna achieve this year, then decided to pivot and also focus on how I want to show up for ME.

Because your worth goes so much deeper than what you achieve, how often you post on social media, the number in your bank account, or how much you weigh.

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  1. Take the pressure and deadlines off your goals. Give yourself space to grow, trusting that the outcome is on its way.

  2. Say NO to people, opportunities, and invitations that drain your energy. Setting boundaries and sticking up for yourself = self care.

  3. Workout and eat healthy because it makes you feel good, not to get smaller.

  4. Read a book for fun or watch your fave TV show as part of your morning routine.

  5. Make a coffee date with someone you'd like to get to know better.

  6. Go through your closet and donate all the clothes that are too tight or make you feel blah, then buy yourself some new stretchy jeans in your "right now" size without judging the number. (I am obsessed with American Eagle stretchy jeggings!)

  7. Date yourself! I love the concept of the “artist’s date” by Julia Cameron, a weekly solo expedition to explore something interesting to you.

  8. Check out a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try and order what you WANT, not the cheapest or healthiest option on the menu. Save room for dessert ;)

  9. Explore a new part of your town or city, alone or with a partner or friend

  10. Play the game “COZY MAX CHALLENGE” and see if you can max out your coziness level. Take a bath, put on your snuggliest clothes, make cocoa, light candles, snuggle your pet or sig other, keep asking “what would make this situation cozier?” until you disintegrate into a ball of bliss. I have to give my husband Ben credit for this idea.

What are your goals for 2019? I'd love to hear what you want to create or experience this year!

xo Anna