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Healthy Happy Holidays || Travel Tips!

December 2014AnnaComment

In our second installment of my  Healthy Happy Holidays series, I want to share my strategies and tips on how to stick to your health and fitness routine while on the road!

Tis the season for traveling near and far to celebrate the holidays with our family and loved ones. I don't know about you, but travel ALWAYS throws off my workout and healthy eating groove.

First of all, I'm a creature of habit and routine, and if I'm taken out of my normal routine I lose all motivation and will power. Second, if I'm back in my parents' house for some reason I automatically revert to my high school self and have uncontrollable cravings for all the sugary cereal, snacks, and chips that are still stocked in the pantry for my younger siblings.

Also--workouts! So hard to fit them in when you're the only one in the house who wants to exercise. Everyone else is sleeping in, relaxing, eating cookies, going shopping, seeing movies, judging you for wanting to go out in the freezing air and get your sweat on, making you feel "different" for being an overachiever and caring about your goals. You might be sleeping in the basement with your family, and you don't have your gym or at-home equipment to take advantage of. Talk about motivation killer!

It's a constant battle and work in progress for me, but here are my best tips for sticking to your health and fitness routine when you're traveling!

When you're on the road or in the air


Make sure to choose unprocessed, whole-foods based snacks. 

My fave airport security-approved snacks:

+Nitrate-free all natural jerky

+Shakeology packets

+Starkist tuna packets

+Nuts and dried fruit

+Kind bars and Lara bars

+Sliced apples (pack with a paper towel)

+Sliced veggies

+Nut butter packets

+Roasted chickpeas

+Make sure to bring an empty water bottle with you through security, and fill it up once you're at your gate!

If you like smoothies, bring a travel blender.

I purchased a cute little Hamilton Beach travel blender at Target for $18 because I know that if I can continue to drink Shakeology every day, that's at least one super nutrient-dense and healthy meal!

Take pit stops as often as you can.

If you're driving, try to get out of the car every 2 hours to stretch and move your body.

-Stay hydrated!

Forced air in cars and airplanes will suck all the water right out of your body. Plus, if you're drinking a lot of water you'll have to pee, which will force you to get out and move around!

When you're a house guest

Again, SNACKS!

I've discovered that healthy lunch and snack options are usually the hardest to find when I'm away from my own kitchen.

My fave driving snacks:

+Everything listed in the Airport list

+Dried fruit and almond butter

When I have fridge access:

+Unsweetened almond milk for smoothies (you can get individual boxes that don't require refrigeration!)

+Coconut water for smoothies (again, no refrigeration necessary)

+Plain Greek Yogurt

+Snacking veggies (bell pepper, cucumber, baby carrots)


+Egg whites (good for late night Shakeo mug cakes!)

Resume control, when appropriate!

If you're visiting your parents or close family, volunteer to take over dinner duty for a couple nights. You'll win "star child" award AND you can decide the menu! Here are some healthy and delicious recipes that will win the whole family over. Just because it's not your kitchen doesn't mean you have no say on what you put into your body.

Relinquish control, when appropriate!

There's a line where being polite and gracious takes priority over your personal goals. Where this line is drawn is something you'll have to figure out based on your intuition, but it's probably where your extended family, grandma, new in-laws/partner's family are involved. If you're at a big dinner with your extended family or in-laws, sometimes you just have to go with the flow if making a fuss will cause tension. Don't use this as a platform to lecture everyone on the benefits of vegetables or clean eating, especially if there are once-a-year secret family recipe treats involved! Enjoy every bite of the things you LOVE, and pass on the things you merely like.

Pack indoor and outdoor workout clothes.

There is absolutely NO reason why you can't stick with your workout routine while traveling. This is much easier to control than your food! Wake up extra early and fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, which will keep you focused, energized, and also give you extra wiggle room for treats. 

My favorite "do-anywhere" workout sources:

+Beachbody On Demand

+Tone It Up


+Melissa Bender Fitness

+Jessica Smith TV

Get outside and run!

+Winter running tips Part 1

+Winter running tips Part 2

Get outside for a walk with your family

No excuses :)

So there you have it! My best tips for sticking to your health and fitness goals while traveling and on the road. Do you have any tips or tricks to share? Leave them in the comments!

xo Anna