Anna Maria Locke

Self Employment || Month 2


Happy Halloween!

It's officially been two months since I resigned from my full time job. To be honest, it feels like it's been a lot longer...maybe even a lifetime. This fall has been jam-packed with travel, weddings, events, the highest highs and lowest lows, and my own self-imposed overachieving business, but for the first time I finally feel like I'm starting to settle into a groove! Month 2 has been the hardest but also the best, and my anxiety is starting to shift into confidence. I'm doing this!

I stopped by to visit the zoo earlier this month for the first time since my last day, and it was the strangest feeling ever. Walking on grounds, I felt overwhelmed with this happy sense of "home," but at the same time I didn't belong anymore. The season had shifted and the summer crowds, lush green gardens, and hordes of campers were gone and replaced with golden leaves, a chill in the air, and dead crunchy prairie grass. My office was still the same, the people were the same, but also different. My workspace still has post-it reminders and lists written in my handwriting, and all my old supplies right where I left them, but Valerie has started to make it her own space and has taken on my old responsibilities with energy and grace because it's her job now.

It's weird to belong, but not belong.

Like graduating from school, but if your friends and classmates didn't graduate with you...

One of my main goals for October was to implement more structure and routine into my schedule. It's definitely a work in progress, but I already feel so much better and more calm. It's easy to get trapped in the feeling of "never doing enough!!" but I'm also starting to force myself to reflect, track progress, and give myself props for the things I'm doing. I have a lot going on, and if I don't give myself a gold star, no one else is there to do it for me!


-Celebrated our 2 year anniversary
-Applied for and received dual Dutch citizenship with my siblings!
-Celebrated my friend Kate's bachelorette party with a nude painting class (so fun)
-Traveled to central IA to celebrate my college roommate and best friend Christine's wedding! (And was involved in a very scary accident along the way that threw me off for the entire following week)
-Stopped by my grandma's farm to visit on the way home from Iowa
-Had multiple dinners, lunches, meet ups with girlfriends
-We've been attending church every Sunday we're at home

My Etsy shop ended up on the backburner this month due to personal events...but I'm ready to focus, create a holiday marketing plan, and ramp things back up!
Stay tuned for new sneak peeks :)

This was an incredible and potentially tipping point month for my health and coaching business.
-I am finishing up two awesome and dynamic online fitness accountability groups
-I'm continuing to host team virtual hangouts every week
-Two of the coaches on my team advanced "rank"
-Ran my first training program for my team
-Hosted my first mini clean eating challenge (stay tuned for November's!)
-I'm starting to figure out how to maximize my productivity so I don't feel sucked into Facebook and email 24/7.
-I now have 46 coaches in my downline team! AKA I am leading a legit organization! It's so exciting and fun and I can't wait for things to keep snowballing
-Earned my highest weekly paycheck to date (more than my old FT salary)


Now that I feel like the crazy, obsessive, unorganized, chaotic, hanging to sanity by a thread, endless weddings, push through and work until something happens phase is over and I'm starting to settle down and come CLOSE to some sort of "balance" (or at least a state where I can keep almost all balls in the air), I'm looking forward to heading into November with a plan. Here are a few of the top action items I want to accomplish!

-Cook a fancy dinner and have a stay at home date night every Saturday
-Attend church every Sunday
-Clear out our second bedroom (aka the junk room) and turn it into a work space! This is a personal goal because it is going to drastically improve the overall quality of my entire life.
-Get to the gym twice a week (I've been working out at home but need to take advantage of the classes and membership we're paying for)
-Yoga once a week

-Be more consistent with tracking expenses and income so I can gain control of my finances and pursue opening business accounts (scary)
-Improve my existing Beachbody accountability and training group experiences
-Develop an Etsy game plan for the holidays
-Complete this Digital Products e-course and list digital products in my shop
-Enroll and begin this InDesign e-course !! so I can start to officially create and sell wedding invitations
-Establish and follow set working hours and a daily routine
-Start blogging on a regular basis and plan my posts, so they're not as sporadic
-TRACK TIME! Don't get sucked into social media or distracted. Be focused!

And with that last goal, I'm going to close this post so I can head to Starbucks for some focused and productive work before my sister Ella arrives this afternoon! We're hosting a Halloween party tonight and there are costumes to be made and food to be prepared.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Anna