Anna Maria Locke

wedding weekend recap (and food and fitness plan!)


Ben and I had an absolutely magical weekend in southwest Michigan celebrating the wedding of his sister Ashley and her husband Peter! We're struggling a little bit with the Monday re-entry process this morning but I wanted to share some of the memories and highlights.

Ashley and Peter planned to be married on an empty lot in his parents' neighborhood, overlooking Lake Michigan. It's one of those beachfront neighborhoods composed mainly of summer cottages, tucked away in the woods and almost completely hidden from the rest of the world. We held the rehearsal in the "Wedding Lot" and then Peter's parents hosted a wonderful dinner in their backyard patio, complete with twinkle lights, bonfire, and s'mores on the beach. 

The sunset lit the sky on fire and then we released wish lanterns into the night.

I also was able to catch up with my parents and both of my little sisters! 

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early in our huge, gorgeous, lakeside "cottage" and got to work! Getting ready with the bridal party is one of my favorite parts of being in a wedding, just having a chance to relax and have fun before the craziness begins. Ashley was an absolutely stunning bride.

This was the first time Ben and I were in a wedding since we got married almost two years ago! I didn't have a chance to take many photos of the actual event, but it was beautiful and perfect. 

Now it's back to reality for a week before I drive home for my best friend's wedding NEXT weekend! This is the craziest fall of my life, but I'm loving every minute of it.

Needless to say, I'm going to do my best to really focus on my clean eating and fitness plan this week to balance out all that cake, pie, and wine.


-Oatmeal with Greek yogurt
-Protein pancakes
-Eggs and whole wheat muffin

Morning snack
-Shakeology blended with unsweetened almond milk, ice, and frozen banana
-Yogurt and fruit

-Huge salad with tuna, apple and PB
-Dinner leftovers

Afternoon snack
-Veggies and hummus

-Butternut squash soup with turkey sausage
-Baked chicken and quinoa

{it's going to be a short week for me since I'm driving back to my hometown Wednesday night to start prepping for my best friend's wedding!}

I'm dialing it up a notch this week so I can look my best in my next bridesmaid dress! I'm planning to split my workouts and do a morning and afternoon session (30-45 mins each).

AM: Kayla Itsines Arms/Abs circuit, 15 minute HIIT routine

AM: Power walk, 20 min PiYo
PM: Bodypump (full body strength)

AM: Kayla Itsines Abs/Cardio circuit + upper body strength routine 
PM: none

PM: PiYo

AM: Kayla Itsines Legs/Cardio circuit + upper body strength routine
PM: none

AM: Run if I get a chance
PM: Dance partyyyyy!

Let's make it a great week!