Anna Maria Locke

Food and Fitness Plan // September 15-20


I want to start sharing my weekly meal plan and workout schedule so I can hold myself accountable and give you a glimpse of how I set up my week! If you're trying to eat healthy or lose weight, going into the chaos of Monday with at least some sort of plan is critical to avoid the pitfalls of unexpected situations (brownies in the office, happy hour drinks, forgetting to pack a lunch...) and the same goes for workouts. 

It's so much easier to stay motivated when you can wake up and know exactly what you need to do, otherwise you give your brain a chance to talk yourself out of it! Motivation is a mind game and it takes a little bit of effort and focus to get into a consistent routine of planning, but once you start dedicating aside time every week to set yourself up for success, all of a sudden it will be a habit.

My mantra for this week is "no excuses" because Ben and I are finally heading into our weddingpalooza season! I can't believe it's mid-September already. Between the two of us we're either standing in or attending four weddings within the next five weeks! Plus our own anniversary is in the mix as well. It's officially crunch time to look fabulous in my bridesmaid dresses (and counteract all the wine, champagne, cake, and pie I'm going to be consuming)!

So here's my MASTER PLAN for this week! I'm going to be following the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with my Challenge Group that starts today, but I'm mixing in my own workouts because I'm currently participating in the Tone It Up Frisky Fall Challenge and also doing Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide circuit program! I love to mix it up to keep myself from getting bored.

I tend to get into routines and eat the same or similar things every day for all meals except dinner. The 21 Day Fix containers are listed as colors.

M1 || 7:30 am
Shakeology blended with unsweetened almond milk, ice, and possibly banana (red, purple)

M2 || 9:30 am
Muffin and eggs (yellow, red) OR yogurt, fruit, oats (yellow, red, purple) OR protein pancake (red, purple)

M3 || 12:30 pm
Dinner leftovers OR a salad with tuna, apple with almond butter on the side (2 green, red, purple, orange, 2 tsp)

M4 || 3:30 pm
Veggies and hummus (green, blue)

M5 || 6:30 pm
Monday: Zoodles with marinara and chicken (greens, red)
Tuesday: Butternut squash soup with turkey sausage (greens, red, yellow?)
Wednesday: Salmon and quinoa salad (red, green, yellow)

Thursday/Friday/Saturday is where it gets fun: we're heading to Michigan to celebrate my beautiful sister-in-law's wedding! I'll do my best to make healthy choices but I am for sure going to relax and enjoy the weekend with my family. I'm planning to bring my workout clothes and weights with me so I can sneak in a workout here and there!


Monday: 1 mile jog + Kayla Itsines Week 5 Legs/Cardio Circuit + Bikini Arms
Tuesday: 45 min power walk + Bikini Abs + Love Your Abs
Wednesday: Kayla Week 5 Arms/Abs Circuit + HIIT
Thursday: 3 mile run + Thai Tush
Friday: Kayla Week 5 Abs/Cardio Circuit + TIU Quickie
Saturday/Sunday: Rest/Run/HIIT, going with the flow!

Let's make it a great week!