Anna Maria Locke

surviving the winter blues


This winter has been doing its best to sap all the joy and energy out of me.

This week I've finally been feeling happier and more positive because February is half over and a thaw is on the forecast. We've only had a handful of days above freezing in the past couple of months, and when you couple that with endless snowstorm after snowstorm...well, it's been rough. I'm a sun person, drawn to warm dry climates with plenty of bright light, and I've struggled with this particular season more than usual.

The top two ways I've been dealing with the winter blues are through a constant exercise regime (endorphins baby!) and copious amounts of vitamin D pills. Fresh flowers from Ben and working next door to a conservatory help too!

The days are finally getting longer, I'm starting to hear the birds chirp in the morning, and there are a couple hardy bunnies foraging in the snow outside my office window again.

I'll just keep chasing the sun.