Anna Maria Locke

my favorite time of year


Late May into early June has always been my favorite time of year. October is beautiful, December has the holidays, April is my birthday month, but there's something about the late spring that fills me with this unparalleled sense of inspiration and gratitude for just being alive. For most of my life it signaled the end of another school year, the transition into a new phase or internship or program, and saying goodbye to another group of friends or classmates, but two years out of my last graduation I can now enjoy the spring without that sense of loss or change. I love the first few days of 70 and 80 degree weather, the flowering trees, and the way that all the trees and plants blast into lush greenness that gets more and more impossibly intense with each new day. 

We're still playing teeter-totter with the weather gods here in Chicago and are back in the chilly 50's and 60's for the weekend after a brief teaser of heat and humidity, but it's only a matter of time before summer officially hits. The whole city is beginning to wake up and emerge from its winter cocoon. One of my favorite signs of spring in the city is how the restaurants throw open their windows and set up their sidewalk seating.

I'm kind of letting this spring wash over me and pass by without too much deep reflection, since I've been busy with my new job and Ben has been preoccupied with finishing up the school year, but I think in June I will go back to setting some mini-goals for myself and my shop.

I did list some new scarves today, so be sure to check them out! I like this lavender and black lace one.

Ben and I don't have any big plans for Memorial Day weekend, but that's ok since next month we're going to be travelling a lot. I actually have to work tomorrow because we're in the process of hiring a group of high school interns for the summer!

I hope you have an amazing and relaxing long weekend! Do you have any fun plans??