Anna Maria Locke


Happy Friday!!
And Happy Easter weekend! It looks like we might break 50 DEGREES in Chicago ahhhh so excited. Ben's spring break starts tonight, and next week we're off to Arizona to soak up some much needed sun and also to start clearing out his grandparents' house now that his 96 year old grandpa is in an assisted living center. I'm not certain about the internet situation so this blog might be quiet all next week, but I'll try to sneak in an Easter post before we leave. 

This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. The gloomy weather, spending every day at home by myself, plus major job insecurities were really getting me down, but I started taking Vitamin D, the sun has returned, and I got some amazing news that I had given up hope of ever hearing (more details to come) so everything is on the up and up! Oh, and I also got a new shipment of gorgeous lace appliques, and who wouldn't be happy after unpacking that. Can't wait to add them to new scarves!

Here's what I've been up to lately: 
Mailing: Tons of pretty packages, to everywhere in the US, Canada, and even one to Singapore! I think the shop is finally starting to take off!

Listening to: OneRepublic's new album Native, addictive give-me-energy music that I've definitely been needing lately.

Eating: Lots of delicious recipes! Caramelized banana bread, gingerbread granola, rotini with tuna, olives, and capers, orange balsamic glazed chicken with lemon risotto.

Sewing: Pretty new lace infinity scarves in fun patterns and colors for spring (and summer!).

Working out: With my current fave YouTube fitness channels, Fitness Blender and LionsGate BeFit. I really need to get outside and run more though...

Reading: Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City, a documentary-style crime thriller about the 1893 Chicago World's Fair and the serial killer who stalked young women there. It's very interesting to read more about the history of Chicago and the architects who made the city what it is today.

Watching: White Collar (Ben and I have been working through all the seasons on Netflix and we only have one episode left!!! What should we watch next?), and Mad Men Season 5 which is now on Netflix too! It took me a couple seasons to get into Mad Men but I'm a huge fan. It's a great portrayal of the social, class, and gender issues of the 60's, and the sets and even film quality feels so authentic, like they found a way to time travel and film in the actual past. I've loved watching the clothes and interior decor change styles through the "years". I'm definitely glad to be a woman in this day and age!

What have you been up to this week?