Anna Maria Locke

afternoon tea : how to make a London Fog

February 2013AnnaComment

(why yes, I'm using the creamer for decorative purposes only)

In the winter, I drink endless mugs of tea throughout the day in an attempt to stay warm. Usually it's herbal so I don't over-caffeinate myself, but Earl Grey is hands down my favorite tea variety. It's probably the only tea that can even compete with coffee in my book, and it tastes delicious with milk.

A few years ago my Anglophile English-major sister introduced me to the wonderful tea beverage called the London Fog and I've been making it for myself a lot lately. You can order it at coffee shops but to save sugar calories and $$ it's easy to re-create at home!

Just brew a strong cup of Earl Grey, add a splash of vanilla extract (about 1/2 teaspoon), and top it off with lots of milk (steamed, if you have a frother thing). If you make Earl Grey this way it tastes like dessert and doesn't even need extra sweetner so it's good for you too! Enjoy with cookies or a