Anna Maria Locke

greek yogurt and pomegranate


Oh, pomegranates. The strange looking yet colorful fruit of winter. 

Confession: I've had a pomegranate in my fridge for at LEAST a month because I've been too lazy to cut it up. 

Luckily my sister in law assured me that it was still good, so I finally extracted the seeds and have been eating them on top of vanilla Greek yogurt lately as a mid morning healthy snack! The crunch and juicy burst of the seeds tastes delicious with the creamy yogurt. Yes, you do eat the whole seed. They're like the natural antioxidant filled form of Gushers (remember those from grade school?). 

Here's a link that shows you how to open and de-seed a pomegranate with minimal pink juice explosion!

You can also put the seeds in salad or oatmeal. Have fun!