Anna Maria Locke

paper snowflakes


Ben and I are still debating whether or not to go through the effort of getting a tree, but I figured I should at least put up a little seasonal decor. Despite the ridiculously high temperatures here in Chicago (70* today, what??) I decided to re-connect with my childhood and cut out some paper snowflakes. They turned out really cute!

I followed these instructions to make 6-point stars, and used plain computer printer paper. Tracing paper would work great because it's thinner and so it would be easier to cut more delicate designs.

 (fold a square of paper diagonally twice)
 (the tricky part...fold the small triangle in thirds)

(snip the top points off) 

The trick to avoid ending up with 3rd grade-style snowflakes is to make sure you cut at least half the paper out, leaving the pattern as thin as possible. Here's what I ended up with--the folded snowflake is pictured above the unfolded version.

I'm sure you could Google some really cool designs too. 

I taped the snowflakes to some dental floss (fishing line would be even better) and hung them in our window where I already had twinkle lights that we used for our wedding.

Cozy finished product!