Anna Maria Locke

Peanut Butter Snickers Cookies

November 2012AnnaComment

Happy Friday!

{Mmmm Snickers explosion.}

I spent my afternoon baking these amazing peanut butter Snickers cookies, and let's just say they're as good as they sound--and a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy, if you still have some laying around! Mine didn't turn out as pretty as the original recipe makes them look thanks to my wonky cheap off-brand apartment oven, but that didn't stop me from eating the reject much for my personal mission to eat healthy until Thanksgiving. 

This week went so fast, I can't believe it's Friday night again. Not a bad problem to have, I guess! Friday night is the official "date night" for Ben and me, so tonight we checked out a really delicious and cute sushi place in our neighborhood, and now I think we're going to make use of our wedding gifts and concoct some martinis :) 

We don't really have plans this weekend except for a pizza and Settlers of Catan night tomorrow with my sister in law and her boyfriend, which I am nerdishly excited about. Settlers is one of my favorite board games, and a pretty easy one to learn. Tomorrow is also the Lights Festival parade downtown, in which they ceremoniously turn on the Christmas lights along Michigan Avenue. I guess the holidays are officially here!

Have a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend!