Anna Maria Locke

free at-home winter workout ideas


We are officially in the middle of holiday season, and it is officially winter. Which means we are all stuffing our faces with delicious feasts, cocktails, cookies, and pie while the temperature keeps dropping and dropping along with any motivation to work out.

If you'd like to salvage the inner willpower to burn calories-- either to offset holiday binging or to increase your metabolism so you can eat even more (or both)--this post is for you.

If you have access to a gym, I suggest checking out some fun workout classes! Spinning, Body Pump/any class with muscle conditioning in the name, and Zumba are my personal recommendations.
If you are gym-less at the moment like myself, keep reading.

I bring you my super cheap home gym:

-squishy mat (TJ Maxx, $14)
-10 lb and 5 lb dumbells (Target and TJ Maxx, roughly $30)
-exercise ball, one that's weighted so it doesn't roll everywhere (TJ Maxx, $15)
-pretty rug (Big Lots)

This equipment, an internet connection, and a sports bra are pretty much all you need to get in amazing shape. I haven't been to a gym since February, and I can personally attest to this claim. (Granted, having a wedding is the ideal motivation to get your butt in gear, but the point is... you don't need to spend mega bucks every month to work out!)

To avoid boredom, I like to combine lots of different types of exercise and work out 4-5 times a week. Running, pilates, yoga, and circuit workouts are all in my rotation.

Running Tips
If you hate running with the passion of a million burning suns, then don't do it. Walking counts too, and you can chat with a friend while getting outside.

-Invest in good shoes. They should cost $80-$100 and last about a year if you're a steady/casual runner.
-Running in cold weather is the best, because you won't die of heat. DON'T BE INTIMIDATED BY COLD. Here's a post on what to wear!
 -Map your distance on or Google maps! Make up a route in your neighborhood before you head out. *Circle routes are the best because you can't quit half must complete the circle to get home!

Pilates Tips
I like mat pilates for toning, either after a run or by itself. It's awesome because all you need is your own bodyweight! Don't underestimate low-impact workouts.

-My current favorite (and FREE!) resource for pilates videos is Go to the Workout tab and check out her POP pilates videos, and HIIT intervals if you want some cardio. My fave is the Bikini Blaster 1 video. Cassey's endless energy might be kind of annoying at first, but then you realize you're addicted. And then you realize your booty is on "FIYAHHHH!!!".

Yoga Tips
All the pros say to check out an actual yoga class before you do videos so you can get the correct alignment etc. I have not followed that advice, but I'm just passing on the disclaimer...yogis, feel free to yell at me.

-Check out for free 20 minute videos and cheap downloadable longer videos for all levels and styles of yoga. I like the vinyasa/power yoga and yoga with weights!
-Dave Farmar's FREE yoga podcasts are killer.

Circuit Tips
I think circuit workouts are my absolute favorite. They combine strength and cardio and you can burn tons of calories in small amounts of time!

-Jillian Michaels is the queen of circuit workout videos. My absolute favorite is 6 Week Six-Pack BUT you have to use an 8-10 pound weight to get results. Just go for it :) No More Trouble Zones is a good strength workout, and Ripped in 30 is awesome when you graduate from the 30 Day Shred.
-Check out my Pinterest workout board for tons of at home circuit inspiration. Blast a workout station on Pandora and get to it! My favorite circuit workouts come from and
-Indoor circuits are also great in the summer when it's too hot to run outside!

So there you have it. All my at-home workout secrets!

I hope these tips help you can find the motivation you need to get your endorphins flowing, and then you can justify those cookies.

"It's cold outside" and "I'm saving it for New Years'" are NOT EXCUSES to neglect yourself!