Anna Maria Locke

little victories

One of the biggest things I've learned this year is that life takes patience.
Ever since I truly entered the "real world" it feels like I've dealt with enough job-related failure to make up for the previous 24 years of success-kid glory. Buuut I try to just keep on living and trust that things will work out in time, and maybe they actually will. I've got the guy and the city, now I just need to see what falls into place for me.

Today I did have my first good job news in 8 months: I've landed a part time job leading school field trips at the nearby Morton Arboretum for the fall! So I'll have something fun to keep me semi-busy for a while. It's all about the little victories! I decided to let the news propel me into making today a good one.
To celebrate Ben's official first day of teaching 10th grade history I made cosmic brownies

 And I got a library card!

And I love the pretty flowers in our kitchen.
(I feel like people either love or hate lilies depending on how many funerals they've been to. Luckily they remind me of Easter and I am obsessed with how they make the whole room smell nice.)
Also, I just discovered the new Bravo show Gallery Girls. Have any of you seen it yet? It is kind of like a cross between The City and Real Housewives. And I watched it for two hours even though alllll the girls are super annoying. Oh Bravo. Please tell me I'm not the only one that is totally addicted to the trash reality channel?