Anna Maria Locke

everyday minerals


Ok people, I have made a discovery.

I've been wearing "mineral powder" makeup by the drugstore brands (Maybelline/Cover Girl) for a few years now, but recently discovered Everyday Minerals online. EM markets sustainable ingredients and uses only pure mineral pigments, no fillers like talc, plus it's relatively affordable ($12 for a tub of base powder that will probably last a year). The best part though, in my opinion, is that you can order a free set of seven customized sample products including blush, foundation, or concealer, for only the cost of shipping, which to me is a little over $2.00. So you can try out tons of shades if you aren't sure which one to order, or get some free makeup just for fun. They are also constantly running promotions and free-with-purchase bonuses, found under the "color" tab.

I think I'm sold on the matte base. It has amazing coverage and is very smooth. See before and after:

 [Internet, meet absolutely no makeup Anna!]

[Aaaand 5 mins later wearing Fairly Light base]

Obviously I swiped some mascara onto my translucent eyelashes as well. But I love anything that can smooth out my blotchy redhead complexion.

This post was not sponsored or contracted by Everyday Minerals in any way. Just thought I'd share my latest beauty obsession!