Anna Maria Locke

a new start

Life has been extra topsy turvy the past few weeks. I am sitting in my old bedroom at home in Illinois and trying to figure out how it came to be Christmas so suddenly.

Ben and I have said good-bye to our airy apartment and the mountains of southern Oregon. My field position reached its end and we made the decision to pack our cars and drive home not only for the holidays but for good, until one of us finds a new job. It's dangerously easy to get sucked into the frustration and discouragement of the job market, and I hope that we will find out what we're meant to be doing soon. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my first Christmas out of school and trying hard to get used to the strange feeling of having nothing in the works for the coming new year. No new semester to jump into, no job to go back to, the future is only open space waiting to be filled with events and changes that I can't see yet. A strange feeling.