Anna Maria Locke

san francisco


Ben and I took a roadtrip down to San Francisco over Labor Day weekend (I know, I know, I am way behind in blogging, alas). This is one of the cities that I've always had on my mental list to visit, almost legendary in the way I pictured it, and so it was pretty surreal to just hop in my little car and drive there. 

Highlights included:
-delicious tacos in the Mission
- disturbingly dirt cheap Pashmina scarf shopping in Chinatown
-walking. so. much. walking. 12 miles one day...
-an epic pilgrimage to Mama's for brunch
-exploring Golden Gate Park
-eating ten pounds of noodles every night for dinner at hole in the wall Chinese restaurants
-hazy views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge
-parking and transportation adventures galore
-crashing at 9 pm every night with wine and House Hunters (we can't hang like we used to)

Despite the beautiful blue skies featured in a few of the pictures (taken during the 2 hour period where it was sunny), the cool mistiness was a nice change of pace from the bone dry 95* it has been in southern Oregon for the past month. At least according to Ben, Mr. "It's so refreshing!" As for me, I could not acclimate to the weather, which was kind of hilarious, and my hair expanded three times its normal volume. Give me my sunshine back!!! The perpetual island of fog was freaky. I think this city might be the most geographically AND culturally unique of any I've been to so far. One of those places where you feel like you're in an alternate universe or different country, much like Texas (but totally different than Texas).
Many many thanks to our amazing friend Lauren for housing and touring us!