Anna Maria Locke

life on the other side of the country

[Rogue Valley--my new home for now]

I can't believe I have been in Oregon for three weeks already. Today is the day I FINALLY got internet installed in my big empty apartment ! I also can't believe it took me that long to get settled and connected to the outside world. Gah. Work is exhausting but fun and makes the days fly. I am doing field research for a big restoration project with the Nature Conservancy in beautiful forests filled with fir, pine, and Pacific madrone trees. I feel so lucky to be able to work outside, hiking for a living, and be in control of my schedule.
Slowly but surely life is coming together again after months of craziness this spring. Writing a thesis, getting engaged, graduating with my masters degree, and moving 3,000 miles across the country with only what I could stuff into my little Ford Focus has made this year the most life changing yet out of the 24 I have experienced, and it is only half over!!! I feel grownup and (almost) fearless, and I am SO happy to be done with school, at least for now. Having the time to just reflect on life and do some deep thinking on where it is headed as well as on the present day is extremely satisfying in that existential way, and I have gained a lot of confidence and optimism in the past few months. I am learning that a lot of hard work, opportunity-grabbing, and risk taking is what life is about.

Happy July!