Anna Maria Locke

adventures in Jacksonville


Weekends are my favorite. 
I usually get a three day weekend by working four 10-hour days, but this week I worked Friday too so I can meet Ben for a mini-vacation in Austin next weekend (!!!) Fifty hours of fieldwork equals one exhausted Anna, but I still felt compelled to get outside today. I think I am addicted to hiking.

I've started a Saturday routine of taking mini-trips with myself to get to know this gorgeous part of the country I've dropped into, and also to simply kill time. {It takes serious effort to avoid feeling lonely when living by yourself in a brand new place}. Today was a visit to Jacksonville, an adorable historic town dating back to the gold mining days. Pretty trails, 19th century architecture, lush gardens, and blue skies. For the rest of my life when I think of Oregon I will think of oak and madrone woodlands and hot hot sun on the mountains.