Anna Maria Locke

almost done

I'm back, and as promised it is (sort of) spring, stress levels are slowly receding to normal, and my thesis is in the home stretch. It has been basically approved by my adviser and committee, and everything will be submitted by Monday. Yesssss!
To say that I am excited to be done with grad school is a big understatement. I am pretty burned out with school. Going straight from undergrad to grad school is maybe not the greatest idea ever, although it has worked out. Writing this thesis has been the most challenging accomplishment of my life so far, but I am happy with how everything turned out, and I'm glad to be done before the weather gets too nice out!
Speaking of which, is anyone else suffering from this extended winter? Like, seriously. Enough with the snow!!
Anyway, I am looking forward to getting my life back on track, since this thesis has become my identity and sole purpose of existence while everything else has been left behind in the meantime.
On Tuesday I'm headed to Seattle for a week to present my research at a national conference. 
Any tips on what to do in Seattle in early April?
The weather there looks just as gloomy as the weather in central PA. (Did you know that Central PA is the only mini-region in the eastern states with the same climate type as the Pacific NW? Except the NW is mostly spared the horrendous ice and snowstorms, and they get bigger mountains, lucky them.)

More pretty pictures, recipes, and happy posts to come!