Anna Maria Locke

random week

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Wow this week went SUPER FAST!

I hope you've survived the blizzard! I am so sick of seeing everyone's snow statuses and photo albums on facebook. Yes, the Midwest got 2 feet of snow. You don't need to spend 20 photos documenting your car and shoveling adventures and cluttering my newsfeed with it.  [Family pics excepted ;) ] 
Maybe I'm just bitter that all we got in PA was a few inches of freezing sleet and rain that has turned our snow base into a frozen block of slush...
Tonight I have a headache, am on the way to eating cereal for dinner, and still have lots of work to do.
On the bright side,
Obama came to my school today! I didn't get to see him but it's cool to know he was only two buildings away from me. The funniest thing is that I have a bumper sticker that says "Renewable Energy is Sexy" that I got from an energy convention like 4 years ago (environmental studies nerd!), and he basically quoted it  ("Now, improving building efficiency may not sound too sexy until you realize that our homes and businesses consume 40 percent of the energy we use..”). Okay maybe that's not funny at all, but the president was quoted saying sexy in a speech. Trying to relate to college students much?
I am very glad and thankful that we have a president who is dedicated to education, youth, and green energy.
I know lots of people don't agree with him, but honestly the Republicans could not be doing anything better.

On another note, every Friday afternoon my department has a colloquium series called Coffee Hour.
We take it verrrry seriously and first year slaves grad students are required to make h'ordeuvres and posters. (And are graded for it. And sent threatening emails when the food isn't up to par. NOT even joking)
Well, tomorrow we are doing a mini TED talk style presentation with the physical geography grad students, including moi! I am excited to share my research, especially since I finally have an idea of what I'm actually supposed to be doing. Hopefully I can make it coherent in my allotted 4 minutes...
It is even going to be webcast, so if you are bored at 4 pm ET tomorrow, feel free to watch from this link :)

Stay warm!