Anna Maria Locke


[Lake Chelan, WA 2008]

 It is super cold here in Pennsylvania. So much for a dry mild La Nina winter...
This weekend has been spent mainly on thesis work. Yup that is my life, so get used to me freaking out about it, because it is the main thing on my mind. I have so much data to analyze still before I can even write the darn thing, and my first format review deadline is in one month. Waaaaa!!! I feel super comfortable whipping through fancy schmancy Excel functions at least. I am trying to keep things in perspective because it WILL all get done.  

This week I am loving this recipe
Achy from Jillian's Six Week Six Pack. If you are looking for a great indoor workout DVD, this one is worth the $8. She will shred you.
Excited about my newest cookbook (aaa I get too excited about cookbooks, it's becoming an addiction)
Burning lots of yummy tropical candles and pretending I don't live in the Allegheny tundra.