Anna Maria Locke

roasted seeds

I have been obsessed with winter squashes all season.
My favorites are the elegant (yet brutal to chop up) butternut
and the creamy and sweet buttercup.
Butternuts are best either chopped and roasted with olive oil and salt, or pureed into delicious soup (the best recipe I have tried is this one).
Buttercups are easy to eat in plain and simple baked slices. Yup, Slice ‘n Bake. You can even eat the crispy skin (although beware fiber intake).
When you’re cleaning the guts out of your squash of choice, keep the seeds and roast them! They are delicious. The tiny bit of extra effort is sooo worth it, and you probably have the oven turned on to roast the squash anyways.
Start by rinsing your seeds to get all the goop off, then toss them in salt and olive oil. The more salt, the better.
I don’t know the scientific baking procedure, but 30-45 mins at 350 will probably do the trick.
Be sure to check on the seeds every 10-15 minutes to give them a little stir and make sure they don’t burn.
When you hear seeds popping out of their shells (like popcorn noises) they are probably done! Taste test when you think they are getting close, and keep baking until they reach desired crispiness.