Anna Maria Locke

late summer


You know when you come home from a giant trip and you have one week to see all your friends and family, unpack, take care of appointments, and reorganize before jetting off onto the next journey?
That is what my life has been lately.
I have lots more gorgeous photos and tales to share of California and now Michigan as well, but they will have to wait a bit because the internet at my house is deathly slow and won't upload pictures. 

Today I am packing the remnants of my summer life and tomorrow morning bright and early I am making the dreaded megaroadtrip back to Pennsylvania to start the new school year.

I am very excited for this year. I have the feeling that it is going to be one of those years that is absolutely amazing, even though I know it will also be super challenging in a lot of ways.

This is my second and last year of my masters program, so I will be writing my thesis and getting ready to look for big girl jobs !! I am also going to be the teaching assistant for an undergrad course in climatology, which will be an adventure in itself.

The part I am most looking forward too, though, is having Ben around. He is finished with his Teach for America stint in Baltimore and his MAT at Johns Hopkins and is moving up to State College so we can fiiiiinally be together, after two years of long distance. I know that we have been making the right decisions for ourselves, but these past years have been hard. Luckily I feel like we have grown closer together and have learned to appreciate our relationship so much, and it is going to be so amazing to have him in my day to day life again.  Aaaaa ok time to burn some CD's for the drive.  See you from PA!