Anna Maria Locke

May flowers


Happy June!

Late May/Early June is my absolute favorite time of year.
Everything is lush and green before the heat of the summer zaps the life out of the world, and everything somehow seems so much better with the prospect of the whole summer spread out in front of you.
Even when late May decides to be 90 degrees and a million percent humidity, I am not complaining. After all, soon it will be 100 degrees and two million percent humidity. Good thing I am headed out west before then, muahaha.

All the late spring flowers are pretty much fading but last week I still managed to do a little flower portrait shoot in the backyard.

The perk of being part of a Dutch flower business family is that you get your own personal botanical garden.
The perk of being the oldest child is that once you grow up and move away you are pretty much exempt from all the yardwork.