Anna Maria Locke

late spring disorientation


I ran away to Baltimore this weekend to try and decompress after the post-finals fallout!
I can't believe I didn't take a single picture all weekend.
But rest assured that that the trip was chock full of the typical sunshine, fun daytrips, ice cream, fancy cocktails, and kill-me run.
We went to DC for Ben's sister's new apartment housewarming party.
But first we had to make a stop at the National Zoo, after a relationship-testing navigational mishap in a hot traffic jam.

Can I just say that I have been living in a bubble all year? I know it has its own issues, but at least compared to B-more and the party town in the middle of nowhere, DC is soooooo nice. And his sister's apartment is adorable. 
But the street layout in that town is beyond confusing

Like usual, the weekend went way too fast and I'm not sure that I am completely relaxed and back to normal after the craziness of this semester.  Probably because I'm not actually finished; I am finishing up my thesis proposal [tonight!!] and am working full time in the lab all week for my research assistantship. Plus getting ready to leave for California where I'm spending the summer to do my field research.

It's weird to be on campus without all the hustle and bustle of the 40000 undergrads.
All the spring flowers have faded and the trees are in full glorious green, but it doesn't seem like summer yet.
Maybe because it's only 60 degrees out.  brrr.

p.s. I will definitely try marshmallow fluff in the fruit dip next time. And probably almond extract, although I hoard that little bottle like it is liquid gold ;)