Anna Maria Locke

the view of the garden fairy

Oh my gosh it feels like summer here and the flowers everywhere have exploded just in this past week!
I am sooooo happy.
How can you not be happy when it is sunny and dry 78 degrees out?

Plus, it's April, which is birthday season for me and several of my girlfriends!*!*!!
24 days until I am 23!

Life is proceeding at breakneck pace as usual, but I have still managed to find time for relaxing outdoor coffee breaks and happy hour pitchers of Bud Light on the patio.  Keeping it classy.
[Even though every single person with a motorcycle (aka a lot of people evidently) is out on the streets revving their engines so you can barely hold a conversation. (seriously?)]

This weekend I am going to get a grip on life (ha!), start working on my two seminar papers (eek!) and definitely hold a flower photoshoot on campus. Is there a market out there for flower portraiture? Because it is calling me.

I hope you have a beautiful Easter weekend!

p.s. photo editing how-to post coming soon