Anna Maria Locke

springtime in Baltimore


I have spent all day today driving home, running errands, restocking my sad neglected refrigerator and trying to put some order in my life and get back into the swing of things after a beautiful beautiful amazing weekend that included

-delicious Greektown dining (pretty much obsessed with Greek food)
-Panera work marathon
-runs in the hot sun
-randomly running (literally) into a Privateer Festival complete with pirates, ships, and cannons in the harbor
-Saturday night homemade pizza and wine tradition

Baltimore is only a three hour drive south from me, but it is seriously in a completely different climate zone. The MOMENT you leave Pennsylvania, the sun emerges, the temperature spikes up at least 10 degrees, and the trees all have their leaves already.

Proof: scenes from the park
sunset is my favorite time of day when it is warm and green out
awesome old twisty tree
the last daffodils clinging to life in the summery heat
fun paint-by-numbers sycamore bark
Cherry blossoms EVERYWHERE!
When I have a yard I want to plant it full of cherry trees.

Ben makes me run super fast and then overheat.
but I still love him because he is cute and buys me food.
CAUGHT YA! hehe.
 Now it is time for a Reality Check for Anna.
Back to the school grind. Tomorrow.