Anna Maria Locke

narcissus sunset


When the sun sets it slants across my front yard and lets a tiny bit of light into my cozy cave apartment.
I like coming home to all the flowers glowing.  My landlords are from Alaska; when they moved here they let their suppressed inner-gardener selves go wild and planted up the whole front yard and backyard with vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I think I convinced them to string lights in the walnut tree over the picnic table in the front yard for amazing al fresco dinners. [Yes, I have the best landlords ever. Yes, we are probably "those" neighbors.]
I am so happy that things are starting to grow again!
The front yard is looking like a Breck's advertisement. The only thing missing is a Dutch flag flying in the background...

I like Wednesday nights because I finally have a chance to relax and breathe after the mad-dash stressful rush of the first part of the week.  I'm starting to get that spring-induced calm that everything will work out.  Even when there seems to be way too much work to fit into the last four weeks of the school year,
It will always all get done.
Keep that in mind if you feel like you are losing it :)

So I'm just trying to appreciate the blast of warm hot weather we've been living through lately.
Even if it is maybe a bit TOO hot and dry.
I love opening windows and smelling fresh air indoors.
And taking outdoor lunch breaks.
Hello, freckles!