Anna Maria Locke

Table for Seven

Ben lives only a couple blocks from the waterfront, and we prioritized a jog or walk along the brick boardwalk every single day the sun was out this week. 
It is so gorgeous and calm, with the swanky dockside apartments and highrises on one side and the endless little harbors filled with speedboats, sailboats, yachts, rowboats on the other...seriously, it seems like every person in Baltimore with a slightly significant amount of money owns their own boat. 

I would love to live by the water someday; there is something special about the air of the seaside although a lake or river would definitely be good enough. 
Ben and I have pipe dreams revolving around owning our own huge sleek yacht and sailing around the world. 
(Although it would have to run on used cooking oil or something that wouldn't pollute the water or else I would feel too guilty. !!)
The bottom picture is our favorite yacht that we picked out. I think it nicely balances sleek and classy with plenty of sun-bathing deckspace and maybe enough room for dinner on the water. Yup those are all my priorities. Perfect.