Anna Maria Locke

basking like a kitty

I am so excited to be in Baltimore right now; I didn't realize how sun deprived I'd been until I was reintroduced to blue skies here.  It is 60 degrees and cloudless, which seriously feels like summer.  It's not shorts and tank top weather yet, but oh my gosh it feels so good to re-introduce my skin to some vitamin D!  Being able to run by the harbor, eat lunch on sunny seafood cafe patios, and wake up to actual sunlight streaming through the blinds is pretty much amazing.  It's funny how you take things like sunlight for granted until you live in a cloudy place for a while, and then nice weather makes your life 1000% better. 

I have turned Ben's sunny room into my office for the week, and plan to knock off as much work as I can muster while he's at school.  In addition to basking in the nice weather and playing in the kitchen. 
I love spring break!