Anna Maria Locke

weird movie weekend

Ben came up to visit this weekend, and because it was so cold out we ended up spending a lot of time nesting up as cozy as possible and watching movies.
I am just realizing how weird the selection was...

#1 The Maiden Heist
With names like Morgan Freeman and Christopher Walken, it was assumed that this wouldn't be a complete bust...and it wasn't. It was kind of funny, but more just weird. About these three old art museum guards who are each in love with random quirky works of art that are in a display being moved to Denmark, and who plan an elaborate heist to steal them so they can each be forever united with their respective paintings/naked sculpture. 
Weird, mildly entertaining.

#2 The Men Who Stare at Goats
We saw this at the dollar theater by my house, and it was even WEIRDER than the first movie, but also funnier. A new-age paranormal military program from the 70's gets a new "mission" and the climax is when the main characters end up sort of accidentally spiking the water of an army base in Iraq with LSD and releasing a shed of lab goats and prisoners into the desert.  Quirky but sometimes you wonder if you should really be laughing??

#3 What's Eating Gilbert Grape

A 1993 film starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio....very very 1993.  Leo does an amazing job portraying a mentally handicapped boy, and Johnny is his older brother. They live in podunk IA with their 500 pound mother and a couple sisters and it is a bit Lifetime-esque.
One of those movies that Ben vaguely remembered seeing ten years ago and thought it was good at the's not bad but there are multiple parts where you go "wait...really????" and "why are we still watching this??" but then keep watching anyway.

p.s. my mom has saved my camera cord from the void of lost things and it will be on its way soon! so prepare to see yum recipes and nature pictures :)