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monday award

[unfortunately that is NOT what it looks like here today!!]

We aren't getting the midwest icestorms, but central PA winter is dark dark dark.
a few days ago I was hit with another
Kreative Blogger award
i don't know why the inventer of this game decided to be kool and spell creative that way

by Jackie at exposed brick !
[she has a beautiful blog and inspiring posts, you should check it out :)]

Here are seven things that are making my life whirl right now:

1. I still can't find my camera cord. !! So expect to see lots of random pics unearthed from my computer archive. I can't find my cord because I am pretty sure I left it at home over break.
I have a really bad habit of forgetting things when I travel, which has made me paranoid.
But quadruple-checking always fails, and my nervous apprehensive feelings of "i KNOW i am forgetting something..." as I leave the door is always justified once I reach my destination and realize what I have left behind.

2. I should never be allowed to have an electric stove. Especially one where the coils don't even change color when hot. It is SO easy to accidentally flip the wrong dial. Or forget the burner is still on.
Although recent perils of melting a spatula and cracking a glass Pyrex are not as bad as igniting a plastic jar of powdered coffee creamer...not that that has ever happened to me...

3. Eggplants bring me great joy for some reason.  Yup, weird. My uncle gave me not one but TWO (probably the 2 only) eggplant cookbooks for Christmas (for is even shaped like an eggplant) and it was awesome. (I also never thought I'd be happy to get mousetraps for Christmas, but luckily I have not had to use them. so far.)
I haven't had a chance to try any of the recipes yet, but last night I diced and roasted an eggplant and I was surprised to find it was the highlight of my night! yyyeah...
It doesn't even taste like anything, so I honestly can't explain my obsession.

4. I am going to publicly admit right here and now that I have been sucked into the Twilight mania. A year too late, perhaps, but now addicted nevertheless.

5. I hated the movie Avatar. Yes, it was good, yes I got way too sucked into the plot, and I was emotionally traumatized for the rest of the night.  [Let me warn you NEVER to read political ecology about the plight of exploited indigenous cultures by neoliberal capitalist development right before you go see a movie about the destruction and exploitation of indigenous cultures.] Oh yeah plus, the redheaded scientist dies. Along with half of the main characters.

Make that five random things about me.

I think almost everyone who has a blog has been tagged by this award

so I will try to tag people who haven't said seven random facts about themselves in the name of Kreativ Blogger :P 
and sorry if you've been hit twice already...Feel free to make up new rules if so!