Anna Maria Locke

...and the game is kicking my butt

aaaaaa I am only three days into the semester and I already feel SO BEHIND!!!
The next few months are going to be insanely crazy. For instance, I have to read 3 books by next week, and they haven't even been delivered yet!
But I think I will really like all my seminars. I just have to figure out what I am doing for my thesis...
by hopefully the beginning of next week...
Sometimes grad school makes me feel very very young, inexperienced, overwhelmed, and it all goes shooting way over my head. I am the second to youngest in my entire program! But I will make it!

Regardless of the craziness I am TRYING REALLY HARD to keep sanity and appreciate random nice things that happen every day like

-tonight I watched the most beautiful sunset out the window in my seminar, one that lights up the clouds from below in fluorescent technicolor
-talking to a random friendly mature sophomore at the bus stop last night
-finally impulse-buying a crockpot!!!
-and finding the most amazing crock pot cookbook at the library!
(still haven't had a chance to figure it out and use it...)

-discovering the elusive Celestial Seasonings Holiday Tea still at my grocery store! (on sale!)

-and most exciting: seeing Ben in 2 days

(also p.s. I have started getting my Better Homes and Gardens, Mama!)