Anna Maria Locke


ughhh I HATE packing!!!
I did not inherit my mother's and father's inherent OCD intense tetris-style packing additudes.
Maybe that's why it is a huge mental issue...I am just braced for my mom to come in, declare me a hopeless case, and unpack everything from my boxes and bags to repack so it is "better" :)

oh well.
I think I am finally ready to make the cross half-country trip home tomorrow!
(we get the whole week off for Thanksgiving! wooo)
The car is loaded with misc. objects and a case of Yuengling
(for Papa, not me... although if I get stranded and need a beer I'll be covered, bring the party...)

I have my bags packed...

snacks ready to go...

(yup definitely took me longer to prepare le rations than to pack all my clothes)

semi-trashy books on CD...
And I even swept the kitchen floor to discourage the muisjes if they happen to attempt a comeback.
(update in case you were wondering: I have NOT seen any mouse evidence since the super-trap and spray attack. Yay! for now. I am sure they will be back.)

I am going to try an experiment while driving for double digit hours all by myself tomorrow. Since I get sooo stir crazy sitting in a car/train/bus for long periods of time, I am going to drive wearing running clothes and every few hours or when I am getting sleepy pull over, find a safe looking area or fancy neighborhood and run a little bit!
I'm pretty excited for this, we'll see how it goes...I think it will be a great way to keep energized AND move around a little.

Well I'm going to eat a pumpkin scone, have a phone date and head to bed so I can get up in the "buttcrack of dawn" !!! (to quote Mr. D, HS band director)