Anna Maria Locke

a Baltimore Halloween

All I can say about my weekend
was that it was ridiculous!
too much fun

-playing bags in the alley (aka "cornhole" as they say in VA)
-a little bit of cheap beer
-house parties (those TFA-ers get craazy)
-feeling like I was back in college
-seeing a scarecrow at the convenience store
-Sangria Floats (I did not have one):

-excited Ghostbusters

(not pictured: Nacho Libre)

-RANDOMLY crashing the most ridiculous garage party we passed while walking down the street (is it crashing when we were technically invited?)

NO ONE in Baltimore has garages, but these people are loaded.

-Complete with built-in custom tap

Also, stadium seats from Camden Yards bolted into the wall for watching the big screen TV.
(who ARE these people???)

but it was a nice little escape from reality!