Anna Maria Locke

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend went by WAY TOO FAST! Not because I was having oodles of fun and exciting good times, but because I have a test and presentation tomorrow plus gazillions of pages of dry historiogeography to read! (I made up that means, here are the historical theories of the discipline of geography as a social and human science, and the controversial, futile struggles to define what it actally "is" and other existential tangles)
I have been as productive as I can be (regarding mental sanity levels) and I still do not feel prepared for anything!!! Oh will go on.

I also did grocery store therapy (yes going there makes me calm), retail therapy at my favorite time and $$ suckers (Target, Michaels, TJ-Maxxoutyourbankaccount), highway adventures as I got 32 miles lost trying to get to stores that are 8 miles from my house while listening to Lives of the Cowboys (resulting in BREATHTAKING VISTAS of Allegheny fall color explosion), checked out the Lutheran church downtown, Panera-ed it up by myself (I think I am finally getting tired of the Fuji chicken salad !), worked out then worked out WHILE studying, wished I was outside enjoying the gorgeous weather :( , and instead made a honey chamomile tea latte in my new giant happy mug

and continued learning about Structural Marxism, Location Theory, and other such subjects that whiz hundreds of miles in the stratosphere above this poor little physical geographer's head.

I like plants, and trees, because they don't think, and they don't make up complex critiqued controversial theories. And they are prettier.

Blah. I will be much happier after tomorrow is over!
The end.