Anna Maria Locke

note from Nicole

Aww my little sister wrote me an email and it is adorable! I could definitely not type this well when I was 8 years old (but I didn't play online games with chat-boxes either...we didn't even have a computer in the classroom ugh I'm ancient.)

ANEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my Halloweener costume just a few days ago. I got it from walmart. I'm being Cleopatra. I have a white dress with a sparkly belt with a thing hanging off the belt and a headpiece with a red gem on it and a thing that goes around my neck that kind of hangs on my sholders with a big red gem on it with small blue and green gems in a pattern in diaganle rows about an inch away from the big red gem. Today the catties got in a fight much bigger than the big red gems. HANS COOULD HEAR IT FROM HIS ROOM AND IT WAS IN THE FAMILY ROOM! When me and mama got there they were going under the table! they were tumbling everywhere! when papa broke up the fight Peekie's tail looked hillarius! Itwas all poofed up! Bye I'm done with this note!
I am starting to look forward to the holiday season, chilling at home with my family.
Sometimes I miss them :)