Anna Maria Locke

life in a Kashi commercial

Ohhh my goodness, weekends with B always zoom by way too fast
leaving me dangling alone again on my patchwork of memories and emotional rollercoaster.
I can't believe we have been doing the long-distance thing for a year and a half now.(!!)

We spent a gorgeous Saturday on campus since I had to be at the Veg. Lab for the Parents' Weekend "open house," which meant of course
introducing B to the famous wonders of Berkey Creamery ice cream (the freshest, most decadent and amazing ice cream in the universe)

After eating ginormous Espresso Fudge Pie and Cookie Dough cones the size of our heads for lunch and a double-date Hibachi dinner (the Japanese restaurants where the chefs put on a show in front of you, cooking everything in mounds of butter and oil), not to mention my delicious invention of pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup for breakfast, today was definitely a detox-day!!

We went exploring on Tussey Mountain, which has trails that go on "foreverrr..." according to the biked-out mountain biker that passed us, lagging behind his more enthusiastic friend on their way down. They were both hilarious and gushing about the peaceful and beautiful feel in the woods on an overcast day, "it's like a freaking Kashi commercial! [to more avid fellow biker way ahead] Hey wait! I'm just talking to the natives!" (B and me eating lunch on a log)

I am so happy walking through the woods on an overcast day when the leaves are just beginning to turn yellow and make the overstory glow.


It was a perfect day and I wish it could have lasted forever